Access eLearning resources which support the Advanced Training Skills Modules and CPD/professional development.

The ATSM resources are free to those taking an ATSM course in a related area, but are not included in the membership benefits of all RCOG Fellows and Members, or for members of the Trainees' Register. All members do, however, receive 10% off the price of purchase. To purchase access, select the resource and add to your shopping basket. Users in under-resourced countries are eligible for a reduced price, see our Prices page for details. Once purchased, your access to this resource will last for 2 years; at the end of the 2 years you will be able to renew your access for a reduced price.

Please note that trainees registered on the ATSM in Acute Gynaecology And Early Pregnancy or the ATSM in Maternal Medicine should have received access codes that will give them access to the relevant tutorials. ATSM supervisors and preceptors can also request access.

The Case Studies for CPD are included in the membership benefits of Fellows, Members, Associates and trainees on the Trainees' Register. For full details of the tutorials that are included in the membership benefits package, click here.

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