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These single best answer (SBA) questions are based on the review and clinical governance articles published in TOG and are intended to provide candidates taking the MRCOG exams with an invaluable revision resource*.

The answers to all these questions can be found by reading TOG articles, which can be accessed at onlinetog.org.

All RCOG Fellows, Members and registered Trainees receive TOG as part of their membership benefits, once logged in to the RCOG website.

Please direct all enquiries about this resource to the TOG Office via email or telephone: +44 (0)20 7772 6301.

* Please note, CPD credits cannot be claimed for these questions; these questions are intended for MRCOG exam revision only. If you are a registered CPD participant of the RCOG CPD programme, you can continue to claim CPD credits for the true or false CPD questions published in TOG through your CPD ePortfolio.

Resource launched January 2016.