Where to turn for support

Group of doctors

This learning may have raised some issues for you. For example are you asking - Should I be discussing my experience with someone else? Should I be acting on what has happened to me?

If this is the case please ask for support if you need it. The RCOG/RCM Undermining toolkit has more detail on what you can do if you are experiencing bullying or harassment. Similarly here is the link to the RCOG page for workplace behaviours where you can access the contact details of your workplace behaviour champion.

However if you want things to be different at work you do need to act. Support can come from clinical managers, Educational Supervisors, College Tutors, Training Programme Directors, Heads of School, Directors of Medical Education and do not forget human resources.

If you have undertaken this package because you know there are issues within your department then further guidance on how to address this at departmental and Trust level is available via the RCOG/RCM Undermining toolkit. Leadership is crucial to success. You can be a leader in this even if your role does not mean you are the most senior in the hierarchy or part of the management structure.

The recent GMC report on Building A Supportive Environment: A Review to Tackle Undermining and Bullying in Medical Education and Training is a helpful tool in highlighting and promoting solutions to the problem of undermining within departments.

Finally, remember that no one comes to work to undermine or bully and that we all have a choice about how we behave. It is also imperative as professionals to understand the impact of our behaviour on others.

A commitment to reducing the reported issues particularly in our specialty is there both by the RCOG, Specialty Schools and NHS training organisations – now let’s make it happen.

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