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It is absolutely vital that doctors can work to the best of their ability and this resource aims to help trainees/trainers become more aware of the difficult issues surrounding undermining and bullying in the workplace, illustrating various methods on how to tackle this.

By increasing awareness regarding unacceptable behaviour, the hope is this eTutorial will enable both trainees and trainers to recognise potential factors which may contribute to an unpleasant and ineffective working environment and help avert such situations. 

In the main learning section of the resource, you will be presented with a series of case studies to work through, which you can look at individually or sequentially if you would prefer. The resource has been designed so that you can dip in and out of it. You might find that your learning experience is improved by watching a few case studies at a time.

If working through the resource in one sitting, it should take you approximately 2 hours. Four CPD credits can be claimed for completing it, under other personal learning in the personal/professional category. Please upload your certificate with your reflective notes when claiming credits for this activity.

Learning objectives

When you have completed this tutorial you will be aware of:

  • the behaviours which constitute bullying, harassment and intimidation and how to define them
  • ways to recognise our responses to these behaviours and understand the influence of culture and external factors on our response
  • the effect these behaviours can have on education and training as well as patient care
  • ways of addressing and reducing these behaviours and thereby promoting constructive working relationships
  • how to access guidance/support or escalate concerns/issues
  • how to develop individual and personalised SMART objectives.

Updated August 2016.