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Held at the RCOG on 17 and 18 March 2016.

Joint with AEPU.

Early Pregnancy Unit and Gynaecology Emergency activity is now a core session for many consultants and trainees. However, there is no specific meeting support for dissemination and discussion of principles of evidence-based practice. This course updates consultants and trainees on recent developments in clinical practice of early pregnancy and emergency gynaecology management.

The following lectures from Day 2 are available:

  • Mrs Jo Ficquet – How to organise care in acute gynaecological problems
  • Dr Manish Chand – Acute appendicitis and related bowel disorders causing pelvic pain
  • Mr Davor Jurkovic – The role of interventional ultrasound in acute gynaecology
  • Mrs Denise Williams – The value of the STI testing in acute pregnancy gynaecology setting
  • Mr Joel Naftalin – Abnormal vaginal bleeding in acute gynaecological setting: diagnosis and management
  • Mr Joel Naftalin – Differential diagnosis of acute pelvic pain
  • Ms Ruth Bender-Atik – Talking about miscarriage FREE LECTURE
  • Mr Tom Holland – Minimally invasive surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of acutely ill women

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